Real Japanese Garden Calendar 2023

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Real Japanese Gardens Calendar 2023 features 12 exquisite pictures of gardens in Kyoto, Tokyo, Kamakura, and Yamanashi.

Every picture mirrors the season of each specific month and shows one of the high resolution pictures published on our Instagram account.

The calendar comes in a postcard format 14,9 cm x 10 cm (5.9 in x 4 in) on 13 single sheets. The front shows a garden picture with a small overview of the specific month (with Japanese holidays) and the back has enough space to write notes for each day (see the second picture). On the last sheet is an overview of all months.

Every calendar comes with a hand-made wooden stand. Both, the wooden stand and the calendar are made in Japan.

Later, the single sheets can be used to decorate walls, journals or anything you can imagine!

The calendar will be shipped from Japan via Airmail/Surface. We provide different shipping options.


USA/Canada: $ 5.50 approx. 3 months (Surface)

Europe: $ 6.50 approx. 2-3 weeks (Airmail) Germany and France only ships via surface!
Germany, France: $ 5.50 approx. 3 months (Surface only)

Australia: $ 6.50 approx. 2 weeks (Airmail)

Asia: $ 5.50 approx. 2 weeks (Airmail)

Elsewhere: $ 6.50 approx. 3 weeks (Airmail)

(South America is only available via restricted EMS)

Japan: $2 with clickpost

Please view the following list to see if shipping restrictions for your country apply.
I will refund all orders I can't ship!

If you find that Japan ships to your country only via EMS but you still want a calendar, please send me an Email!

In case we find any changes to the available shipping options after you made the purchase, we will get in touch and refund accordingly.

We don't handle customs and are not responsible for any extra costs appearing during the customs process.

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A made-in-Japan calendar for 2023 in postcard format


Real Japanese Garden Calendar 2023

0 ratings
I want this!