Jomyo-ji, the secret perl of a garden in Kamakura

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Jōmyō-ji  (浄妙寺)

Founded in 1188, this Rinzai Zen temple is number 5 of the Kamakura Zen temples. The Kamakura branch of the Ashikaga family, the main powerholders in the Muromachi period, made it their family temple.

The Kisan-an, a tea house restored in recent years, is open to visitors. From the veranda, you can enjoy the view on the zen garden while having a bowl of matcha.

Special in this temple is the shape of the roof of the main hall. In our eBook you will learn more about the different Japanese roof shapes.

Contents of the book


History of the temple
Five Zen Temple System
How Kamakura got its name (and which role Jōmyō-ji played)
The temple halls and treasures
The gardens
Kisen-an no niwa
English garden

Anika's Impressions

Recommendations around Jōmyō-ji
Kamatari Inari Jinja
Stone Oven Garden Terrace
Ichijo Ekan Sanso

How to get there

12 pages

24 pictures of the temple and gardens
6 sketches


The eBook is delivered as PDF.

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A secret garden in Japan's ancient capital Kamakura

12 pages
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Jomyo-ji, the secret perl of a garden in Kamakura

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