Kōmyō-in, rainbow-colors in Kyoto

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Kōmyō-in (Tōfuku-ji)(光明院)

Kōmyō-in is one of Tofuku-ji temples sub-temples. It was founded in 1391 (Muromachi period) by Kinzan Myosho. In 1939, Shigemori Mirei laid out the dry landscape garden in front of the main building.

Contents of the eBook:

  • Introduction to Tōfuku-ji temple
  • History
  • Shigemori Mirei
  • The Gardens of Kōmyō-in
  • Buildings
  • Photoguide
  • Around Kōmyō-in
  • Directions

14 informative pages, packed with
25 hand drawn illustrations and photographs of stone arrangements
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A secret garden in Japan's ancient capital Kyoto

14 pages

Kōmyō-in, rainbow-colors in Kyoto

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